The Funtown Pier - Seaside Park

Meteorological Investigation


Damage from Super Storm Sandy 

Halliwell performed an investigation at the Funtown Pier located in Seaside Park, NJ for claimed damage as a result of Super Storm Sandy. The Funtown Pier is located on North Ocean Avenue in Seaside Park, NJ, and directly on the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. The Pier is comprised of a boardwalk, and constructed from large timber embedded piles with multiple wood girders, joists and wood decking. Several of the rides were supported on individual foundations designed specifically for the rides, or on areas that were strengthened to support the heavier loads of specific rides.

Halliwell’s investigation consisted of an on-site inspection to observe the existing conditions of The Funtown Pier shortly after the storm event, and an analysis of pre-storm and post storm aerial photographs of the area. In addition, Halliwell experts evaluated a site specific meteorological report developed for the storm event, which estimating the maximum wind speeds and storm surge elevation that affected the commercial property during Super Storm Sandy, as well as the timing of each.

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