Alexandria ERSP East Tower

Flooding Damage Investigation

Damage from Super Storm Sandy
Halliwell investigated the reported flood damage that occurred as a result of Super Storm Sandy at the Alexandria ERSP East Tower in New York, NY.  The building is a high-rise glass curtain wall office building constructed above a cast-in-place concrete basement parking garage. There is a sub-level ramp along the east side of the garage, extending below the garage access ramp adjacent to FDR Drive. This ramp accesses a loading dock that services the adjacent Bellevue Hospital. The hospital is located on the south side of the property along 28th Street. It was reported to HEA by the hospital security guard that flood waters were 12’-0” deep in the hospital’s loading dock area. The purpose of the investigation was to determine the source of the flood water that caused the reported loss and determine if the loss location is located within a Special Hazard Flood area and a 100 year flood area as defined by FEMA.

Halliwell’s experts conducted an on-site inspection of the property and grounds around the garage area that was subjected to the flooding, documented photographs and visual findings to determine the cause of the water intrusion. Halliwell summarized the on-site inspection findings, the information presented by the Insured’s representatives, the expert’s analysis and professional opinions. Halliwell’s experts also conducted an investigation to determine if the building is located within a FEMA 100 Year Flood Zone. HEA prepared a Flood Zone Determination Report and FEMA mapping.

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