Our Meteorological Services provide research and analysis for weather events including hail, flooding, tornado, hurricanes, storm surge, lightning damage, heat waves and winter storms. We can provide site specific reporting for tropical events on water vs. wave issues, timing, storm side, wave effects and rainfall and analysis for severe weather including hail, derechos, downbursts, and severe thunderstorms.

Our services include:

  • Meteorological Forensics & Analysis
  • Storm Surge Analysis
  • Surge Height Surge Timing
    • Hurricanes/Tropical Storms
    • Gradient wind speeds
    • Storm tides
    • Dynamic breaking waves
  • Flood Inundation
  • Timing analysis of different perils
  • Tornadoes
    • Detailed mapping of wind speeds
    • EF rating vs. property locations
  • Lightning
    • Strike locations
    • Timing analysis
  • Hailstorms
    • Dual polarization radar analysis
    • Maximum estimated hail size (MEHS) analysis
    • Maximum hail size/timing analysis exact locations
    • Wind speed/direction
    • Past hailstorm report
  • Flooding
    • Inundation mapping
    • Flood depths vs. locations
    • Ground contours/elevation mapping
  • Snow & Ice Storm Analysis

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