Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geographic Mapping Support (GMS) services provide detailed information about natural disaster–related events including flooding, hurricanes, hail, and tornadoes. We use a wide variety of nationwide data sources, including from governmental organizations and private firms to develop maps for cause and origin assessments as well as flood zone determinations, damage causation, demographic profiles, disease prevalence and cartographic visualization.

Our Services include:

  • Geographic Information Systems Analysis
  • Cartography/Mapping Support
  • 3D Modeling and Visualization
  • Web-based GIS Development
  • FEMA Flood Zone Determinations
  • Storm Surge/Flood Inundation Analysis
  • Wind vs. Storm Surge/Wave Damage Analysis
  • Earthquake Monitoring and Mapping
  • Power Outage Analysis
  • Tornado Damage Analysis
  • Hailstorm Damage Investigations
  • Pre and Post Event Comparisons
  • Cause and Origin Damage Analysis
  • High Resolution Mapping of Portfolios
  • Boundaries, Surveys, Infrastructure Mapping
  • Contours, Elevation Mapping
  • Weather Forces/Perils Mapping
  • Post‐Event Early/Initial Damage Assessments:
    • Portfolio of Properties in the Affected Areas
    • Geo‐Coding/Mapping of All Properties
    • Exposure Analysis of All Perils
    • Severity/Metrics of Perils at Each Location
    • Composite Analysis of Perils/Damage

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