Our experts specialize in the inspection and testing of all elements of the “Building Envelope” including roofing, walls, cladding, curtain walls, fenestration, foundations, and their component parts.

Our services include:

  • Building Envelope Evaluation and Failure Analysis
  • Roofing System Evaluation and Testing
  • Existing Architectural System Performance Analysis
  • Storm Damage Evaluations – Hail/Water/Wind
  • Intentional Mechanical Damage Analysis
  • Moisture Intrusion Origin and Causation Analyses
  • In-Situ and Lab Sample Testing – Infrared Thermography, Moisture Survey, Uplift, Fastener Pull-out
  • Cause and Origin and Scope of Damage Assessments
  • Design Reviews
  • Repair/Restoration Feasibility Review and Recommendation
  • Code Compliance Reviews
  • Construction Document Review and Analysis
  • Envelope Design, Construction Monitoring, and Materials Review and Analysis
  • Construction Defect Litigation Support

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